What Can You Expect from a Day Spa Treatment?

If you want to go to a day spa for some pampering, high are the chances that you’ll end up getting a facial. That’s what day spas are here for. They’re here to make sure that the face is well-cared for and that you look radiant all the time.  


But what can you expect if you go to these places? It’s true that no two spas are the same. It is for this reason that you must know which day spa is the best in your area and visit them regularly. To get started, go ahead and make a quick online search for skin care day spa near me. Then make sure that these are the processes that they follow when taking care of you.  

  1. Consultation

As much as there are no two spas that are the same, all skin care issues are different too. It means that what you need may not be the same as what others need. A personal consultation is going to address that. Before doing any session with the expert, you may be asked to fill out a form with different questions about your skin type, concerns, diet, and medicine or supplement intake. These are all necessary to ensure that the skincare experts are giving you the kind of treatment that you need.  

  1. Preparation

After the consultation comes to the preparation. Here, the aesthetician will prep you and your body for the treatment that you chose. You may be asked to wear a wrap. They may ask you to remove your clothes for total relaxation, although they’re amenable to whatever you’re comfortable with.  

  1. Cleansing 

The cleansing phase is done to ensure that all the goodies of the treatment penetrate deep within the layers of the skin. They will wrap your hair using a headband or towel to keep products from trailing off. Cleansing is usually done with wipes, sponges, or cotton pads. Some do double cleansing on the skin to ensure that it’s smooth.  

  1. Skin analysis 

To make sure that the right treatment is given to you, your skin will be analyzed accordingly. They need to know if your skin is oily, dry, sensitive, normal, or a combination of these. They will also check if you have blackheads, acne, and whiteheads or if it is dehydrated, sundamaged, or aging. The right treatment products will be chosen according to the skin analysis results.  

  1. Special applications

Only after doing all the things above the day spa will proceed to the special treatment required by your skin. They may start with steaming to relax and soften up your skin before proceeding to exfoliation so that all gritty textures are removed from your face, more particularly dead skin cells. Chemical peels are the most common method of exfoliation.  

Next is extraction, where all whiteheads and blackheads are removed. After these are done, they will proceed with the facial massage and use a facial mask on you right after. The final step includes the application of moisturizer, serum, toner, and sunscreen. They may also ask you to continue caring for your skin at home using their skincare kit.  

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